The URBN22

More than ever do we long to be part of a whole, whilst maintaining our own unique identity. We express our individuality through the thoughts we share and the clothing we wear. We are all the centerpiece of our own lives and just like any work of art, there's always a focal point that draws in the attention. 


At URBN22 we embrace the righteous, the rebellious, the socialite and the odd one out. Everyone has an opinion and every single one of them inspires us to be true to what we value - creating something that sparks curiosity and changes the narrative. A statement piece that can adapt to-, and complete any look, no matter what the style is. URBN22 finds solace in diversity and has used this philosophy to create the ultimate accessory. Designed to match the individual - created to blend in perfect unity. 

So, get ready - because URBN22 is no longer playing little league - we're going pro with our upcoming releases! 

Our collection


Let's talk Nitro collection – an explosion of colors because let's face it; life could use a little color. These watches are made for those who don't mind the occasional wandering eye and aren't afraid to stand out, without saying a word. 


Our Onyx collection is all about balance. Combining sleek designs to give a sophisticated feel, but still keeping an urban edge. A stainless-steel base, with pops of color to bring the piece to life and creating a look that is as close to street-chic as you can get. 


The Evolve collection is a mixture of innovative designs with urban aesthetics. The gradient rainbow effect hints at subtle changes that snowball into full blown evolution. Because change is inevitable and with these timepieces, we're making sure you stay ahead of the curve. 


For the urban trendsetter who knows all about the importance of a good classic, there's the Iron collection. A full stainless-steel construction combined with bold accents on the dial to create a look that is elegant and timeless, yet outspoken enough to stir up conversation. 


Hailing from the Netherlands, we built our brand in the heart of Amsterdam - a melting pot of urban culture and style, and the true source of our inspiration. Surrounded by life in a city that's constantly in motion, our team is getting the latest intel on international trends in streetwear. That's where our brains and brawn came to play – translating trends to inspired designs. 

Shipped from the Netherlands

From our doorstep to yours – we ship far beyond the borders of Amsterdam. So, whether you're out exploring the streets somewhere in the Netherlands or navigating your way through Seoul, URBN22 is your ticket to the global urban scene. You give us the address – we provide you with the goods. 

No quality concessions. Ever.

We believe that style comes alive through the tiniest of details. This is why our watches feature stainless steel constructions and polycarbonate cases. All with a means to an end – to ensure durability and longevity without losing that sophisticated look to add to your urban ensemble. Each URBN22 watch is equipped with a Japanese-made timepiece, known for its precision and reliability. 

With URBN22, there are no compromises – only top of the line style, quality and a promise to be innovative. So, why be ordinary when you can stand out in any crowd, at any time, with URBN22 securely strapped to your wrist. 


This is the exciting part – by choosing URBN22, you're not just accessorizing your look; you're committing to changing the direction of street fashion for years to come. There are no turning heads on the unbeaten path, because you're going where none have gone before. So, like a true trendsetter, confidently take the first step and watch as the others follow. 


Finishing touch for your
urbn outfit

Accessory is an understatement, when talking URBN22. All our watches are statement pieces that tie your look together and give your urban style a whole new meaning. Whether you're rocking something casual or feeling playful and edgy – the vibe you're going for is easily achieved with URBN22. 

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